Path to Newton

Before Isaac Newton could develop his theory of gravity, a whole lot else had to happen.   The story starts with the first known written records of repeating celestial changes, recorded by the Ancient Babylonians in "The Astronomical Diaries."  Those records of regularties eventually led to the empirical theory of the motions of the planets put foward by Johannes Kepler, which Newton built upon to create his predictive theory of gravity.  Both Kepler and Newton's theories make accurate predictions, but only Newton's, where gravity is described as a "force" proportional to the inverse squre of the separation of two masses, is fully generalizable .

Soon, the graphic you see as a preview below will be published online a a fully interactive guide, showing how Newton's predictive theory built upon so many earlier triumphs (and missteps!)

high-resolution version of the current "Path to Newton: chart is online, and can be printed on fabric upon email request.     

Path to Newton

When Alyssa Goodman spoke about Prediction at Dent 2018 in Napa, the Path to Newton fabric printout was a fun conversation piece, and apparently also a pretty good shawl.